A new maternity block built to ease congestion at the old block of Tatale Health Center is yet to be operationalised after a year and half due to lack of equipment.

Nurses have to operate in small cubicles serving as wards. The labour room has only two beds. So when there are more than two expectant mothers at a time for delivery, the rest lie on the floor.

“When we have more than two cases you know the beds are only two so we have to keep some on the floor. But if they come and the maternity is not full, then we can keep them there. But if it is full, then it’s the floor” A Midwife, Madam Rose Arthur said.

The Tatale Health Center is said to be the best in the district and the major referral center for all the CHPS compounds in the district.

Considering the distance and bad nature of the road to Yendi, which has the biggest hospital in the area, the Tatale Health Center serves as the first point of call for residents.

But residents over the years have complained of poor health care delivery. This is because the Health Center faces numerous challenges. “If not lack of consumable, it is either acute shortage of bed space or Medical personnel,” she said.

JoyNews toured the labour ward, where nurses are forced to undertake deliveries without gloves or force patients to provide same for their delivery.

Madam Rose Arthur said anytime she makes requisitions, she is either given one or none.

”So if they come and the logistics are not there, if you are referring the person at final stage of labour you see, you will not be doing the person any good she will not even reach my door and it’s time for delivery. So if we say they should buy, it’s not our fault,” she said.

Madam Rose Arthur said it’s a huge challenge confronting midwives at the Health Center. According to her, the challenges they face at the ward have endangered their lives and that of patients, especially with the advent of Covid-19 which requires social distancing.

Madam Rose Arthur therefore appealed to authorities to equip the new Maternity Block, which has been under lock and key, to help solve the congestion problem of the ward.

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