The Falcon 900 EX Presidential Jet, whose purchase by the Kufuor administration engendered so much debate, and especially condemned by the NDC, then in opposition, has flown into town ready to be commissioned.

After a string of postponements, the aircraft, which became the subject of heated discourse between the New Patriotic Party and the then opposition National Democratic Congress in 2008, finally made its entry into Ghana on Thursday.

The falcon 900 EX Easy Aircraft or the Presidential Jet touched the tarmac of the Kotoka International Airport at exactly 5:09pm today.

However, a commissioning ceremony planned for 3pm today was called off at the last minute. No reasons were assigned. Joy News gathers that the commissioning ceremony will take place when President Mills returns home from Japan on Sunday.

The Aircraft replaces the 37-year-old Foker aircraft also known as the “flying coffin”.

Deputy Information Minister, Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa has explained that the NDC did not oppose the purchase of the aircraft but did not support the idea of buying two aircraft at a time when the country was faced with fuel and food crisis compounded by the global recession.

He estimated the cost of the jet at $37 million, explaining that the NPP administration paid about $2 million before leaving office while the current NDC government has also paid $6 million so far.

Story by News/Ghana


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