The University of Ghana has shot down as false, media reports that it is building a toll booth after it was destroyed by National Security operatives.

In a press statement signed by Stella A. Arnoa Director of Public Affairs, the university has designated the structure as a "security observation post".

The University of Ghana endured over one-month media clash with the public fuming over its decision to erect a toll booth.

The toll of Ghc1 was intended to raise funds to pay for a loan and also discourage the use of its roads by motorists.

But in a secret operation, officials of National Security demolished the toll booth.

The University moved on to insist motorists intending to use the GIMPA road to access the campus ought to have a sticker.

In its latest move, the University is saying, it is resconstructing the demolished structure for security purposes.

Below is the full statement:



Following the reconstruction of a structure at the Okponglo entrance of the University of Ghana, there have been numerous media enquiries and reactions from the wider public.

The University of Ghana would like to state that the structure under construction is a security observation post which will be part of a larger structure at the Okponglo entrance to the University.

Media reports suggest that the structure is intended to be used as a toll booth. These reports are false and without merit. Since the suspension of tolls on February 22, 2014, the University has not taken any decision to resume the collection of tolls. The speculations are therefore unnecessary.

The University is also aware of false reports about closed access to the University of Ghana. We wish to reiterate that it is not mandatory to acquire a UG sticker before entering the Legon Campus. Members of the general public are reminded that the main entrance (Okponglo entrance) remains open 24 hours a day. No one needs a UG sticker to access the Legon Campus through this main entrance. The use of stickers applies only to persons who wish to use other entry/exit points which are restricted. All motorists who wish to enter or exit the University from these points therefore require permission from the University.

The University of Ghana would like to assure all stakeholders and the general public of our avowed commitment to ensure that while we open up the campus to members of the public to conduct their legitimate business on the Legon Campus, we also remain committed to ensuring that the campus remains safe and secure for the academic business of the University.


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