A private legal practitioner wants police authorities to prosecute Awutu Senya East Constituency MP for her involvement in a shooting incident at a voters’ registration center.

Samson Lardy Anyenini says the police inviting Mavis Hawa Koomson for questioning without prosecuting her especially after she admitted to firing a gun is not enough.

“In the manner this appears I don’t think we have to be playing around it,” he told Evans Mensah on Top Story, Friday.

His comments come after police arrested the Special Development Initiatives Minister for questioning Friday after she admitted to firing a gun at a voters’ registration center.

She was invited by the police but was later released without any charges or bail sureties but Mr Anyenini said the police acting this way on the matter makes Miss Koomson a suspect instead of a culprit who has admitted to a crime.

“What is standard procedure in a criminal matter is that when the police invite a person, they are either inviting you as a suspect or they are inviting you as a person of interest who may assist the process.

“We can call her a person of interest whose participation in the process will only be to assist the police to prosecute some other person. So you go and you either give a statement that leads to you being charged, that will be the caution statement and thereafter you will require to process bail.

“But if you went there and upon examination of what you have to offer, they discover that you could rather be of assistance to them and you are not the person to be subject to prosecution, then they could ask you to give what is known as an ordinary statement.

“This means you are not needed for prosecution, therefore, you would not require bail or anything like that. But so far as we have heard her own public confession [about firing a gun], I think the police need to do more to get the public to trust them,” he said.