Nigerian prophet Soul E, a musician turned prophet, has come under huge verbal attack after prophesying that music star Wizkid may be poisoned and Davido may be involved in a car accident.

Known in real life as Emmanuel Ifechukwu Okose, the Prophet says he has known no peace ever since he announced the prophesy with critics claiming the prophesy was a ploy to seek fame.

He posted that: “When GOD gives a vision he gives it so we are careful and pray, as I was sleeping the lord open[ed] my eyes and saw wizkid being poisoned. He needs to be very careful and get close to GOD. I also saw divido in a very fatal car accident i stand a prophet and i cancel this…"

"I'm not [here] to make any one afraid if GOD [reveals] a vision he is ready to save….. SOUL E” He concluded.

Reacting to attacks he has received, Soul E posted on Facebook that he only did what God asked him to do.

"I have received so many phone calls about the prophecy the Lord gave to me concerning wizkid, Davido and Aso Rock. Some have said that i am seeking for attention and so many funny talks about me been a prophet of God , i want to say that as a prophet of God,i will deliver any message i receive from God," he said.

The prophet added that, "Many people did not believe my Master Jesus Christ when He was on earth and they called Him different names, that’s why i am not surprised at people calling me names too but one thing i am sure of is that i don’t speak when the Lord has not asked me to speak and i don’t speak when the Lord has not showed me. Prophet Soul E."