A member of the Justice Koomson Committee of Inquiry has said the clash between Nkoranza youth and the Police shows the nation has not learnt from the Ejura killings.

Dr Vladimir Antwi-Danso has warned there may be a repeat of history if the current situation in Nkoranza is not well managed.

In an interview on the AM Show, Wednesday, he admonished members of the public to learn from past incidents to know their relationship with the security services, especially when such issues come up.

“I don’t think we have learnt enough. I was very sad when I heard about several deaths following the death of that guy in the cells. It’s like we haven’t learnt anything from the Ejura [disturbances]. We need to do more.

“I know there would be a Police inquiry for even themselves and then maybe some other inquiries but the public must also learn from past incidents and know our relationship with the Police,” he said.

He argued that although the Police have not been able to change their modus operandi and crowd control mechanisms, it appears the attitude of Ghanaians towards the Police is poor.

“There is so much indiscipline in our societies…if there is a problem with the Police, it’s a human institution, they can make mistakes and they can even commit blunders.

“There are other institutions that can check the Police, there are other measures that can check the Police but to take the matter into our own hands and wanting to override the Police in their duties will always bring these kinds of situations,” he explained.

One person has been confirmed dead, whilst nine others, including three persons in critical condition, are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Hospital, after the Tuesday clashes between the youth and the Police.

The youth have been demanding justice for a 28-year-old trader, Albert Akwasi Donkor, who is suspected to have been killed by the Police in connection with an alleged robbery.

Their protest led to the death of 19-year-old Victor Owusu, a final-year student of the Nkoranza Technical Institute.

Mother seeks justice

The anguished mother of the boy, who last saw her son when he was leaving for school on Tuesday, wants justice to be served.

She has accused the Police of killing an innocent person.

According to her, Victor who has been enrolled onto an internship programme was on his way to work when he was shot in the head, killing him instantly.

Madam Kwaa told JoyNews’ Ohemeng Tawiah she would be appeased only when the officers who allegedly shot and killed her only child, a son whose education she has laboured to support, are brought to book.

An amateur video footage, showing the moments after the deceased has been hit by the bullet and his lifeless body lying motionless with deep head injuries, has been circulating in the Nkoranza community.

Victor was the only person who died out of the nine persons who received bullet wounds during the clash.