Residents of Nobewam in the Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti Region have appealed to government to convert one of their basic schools into technical and vocational education in order to assist local students in developing employable skills.

They contend that the unemployment rate is rising daily and that technical education is necessary to buck the trend.

The handful who finished senior high school are likewise unemployed, leaving some of the children in the rural community to wander aimlessly with little to no education.

Nobewam residents appeal for support for TVET school

Though there are no available figures, residents claim, crime has also skyrocketed due to the high unemployment rate.

A local group called Friends of Nobewam Abroad has renovated some of the school’s structure in response to the problem.

The building was in a terrible condition, which prevented proper teaching and learning.

Yaw Osei Ashon, the group’s chairman, states that the action had become essential given the building’s poor condition at the time.

Nobewam residents appeal for support for TVET school

He says that because the government is overworked and unable to address every issue facing the nation, residents must make every effort to band together and build their own communities.

Mr. Ashon urges other charitable people and groups to support the neighborhood.

The group receives praise from Nobewamhene, Nana Yaw Kyere III for their assistance with the school’s renovation.

Nana Kyere III made an appeal to the government and other philanthropic groups to come and assist the school with desks, books, and other learning resources.

Nobewam residents appeal for support for TVET school
Nobewamhene, Nana Yaw Kyere III

“I’m very happy that the group came and renovated the school,” he said. “Despite the then-horrible condition of the school, we begged the government but got nowhere. The building has been made attractive with the assistance of our own people.

He says that the renovation is now completed and pupils will be relocated to the cluster of schools to make way for the intended Senior Secondary Technical to help the community.

Emmanuel Galo, the Assembly Member for the Nobewam Electoral Area, appeals to Municipal assembly to step forward right away to support the goal.

Mr. Galo adds that, if completely implemented, the TVET will assist many young people in acquiring useful skills.

Omane Aboakye, the Municipal Chief Executive for the Juaben Municipality, promises to work closely with the MP to take the necessary actions, particularly to secure accreditation for the school and other educational resources to help the project.

Instead of relying solely on the government, Mr. Aboakye urges the other communities within the Municipality to follow the Friends of Nobewam’s lead and help the area develop swiftly.

“I am more than happy because the diaspora has done very well.”