Alhaji Abdulai Haruna Friday, the president’s nominee for the position of the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive, has said he would strive to revive the rich cultural heritage of Dagbon to promote law and order in the area.

He said conflicts in the metropolis in particular and the region as a whole were as a result of the lost rich Dagbon culture.

This has enabled people to cultivate the culture of impunity and disrespect for law and order and engage in needless destruction of property at the least provocation.

“There is complete absence of law and order in the metropolis and if I am given the nod by the assembly I will help ensure that the metropolis regains its past glory,” he told the GNA in an interview in Tamale on Thursday.

Alhaji Friday said the culture of Dagbon included respect for leadership and obedience to the elderly.

“We need to involve stakeholders including chiefs and youth leaders in ensuring that law and order are maintained to erase the perception that Dagombas are violent.”

The President’s nominee said it was his vision to improve the revenue base of the assembly to enable it to embark on a massive development agenda.

He will also institute an investment promotion drive and encourage people to come up with investment proposals and such ideas would be marketed on the assembly’s website.

Alhaji Friday said the metropolis would put premium on mechanized agriculture and provide farmers with tractor services, loans and fertilizer at subsidized prices to help increase production and reduce poverty in the region.

On sanitation the President’s nominee said sanitary inspectors, popularly known as “Saman Saman”, would be empowered to help implement sanitation laws to ensure a clean environment.

He will set a day aside to award suburbs that would keep their environment clean to motivate others to maintain a clean environment.

Alhaji Friday expressed gratitude to the President for the honour done him and appealed to the assembly members to approve his nomination so that together they would ensure the speedy development of the Tamale Metropolis.

Source: GNA