NPP downplays effects of NDC’s Kumasi Congress

The NPP has dismissed suggestions the NDC’s special congress in Kumasi on Thursday would weaken the opposition party in the Ashanti Region.

Officials of the ruling the ruling party say the congress in the opposition stronghold clearly indicates the NPP has lost its grip on the region.

NDC Chairman of the UK-Ireland branch says the huge attendance by NDC supporters should compel the NPP to review its strategy in the Ashanti region.

Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah tells Nhyira Fm, the presence of non-delegates is a manifestation of NDC’s broad-based status.

“I think with the crowd, the peaceful nature of what happened, those that you saw in buses were definitely delegates from other regions. I think the NPP should be worried by now”.

According to him, the congress provides the NPP an opportunity to revise its notes on how to recapture the Ashanti region where it is touted as its ‘Election World Bank’.

“If I were in NPP and I saw pictures of what was going on, I would be troubled. I was thinking that we would be winning the December 7 contest by let’s say 54 per cent but now I am beginning to believe that we could do even better”, he emphasized.

But Regional Chairman of the NPP, Frederick Fredua Anto, however says the party is unperturbed by NDC’s posture.

He says NDC‘s congress in Kumasi poses no danger to the NPP in Ashanti nor anywhere else in Ghana.

“They bused people from outside Kumasi. If you have the opportunity to move around in Kumasi, you will realise that people were going about their normal duties as if nothing was happening. So we’re not perturbed, we are not bothered”.

According to him, NPP remained resolute as it prepares the ground to meet its flag bearer from September 26 through to October 10 to “finish his listening tour, the tour to restore hope to Ghanaians”.

We in Ashanti region, we are continuing with our house-house campaign.”
“We are not changing our campaign strategy”, Mr. F.F Anto explained.