The acting Upper West Regional Minister is pushing delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the region to vote for his preferred candidate in the Chairmanship race.

Amidu Issahaku has been caught on tape lobbying for one Hafiz Bin Saali ahead of the party’s regional elections Monday.

“…and so in my view, we should support Hafiz and his team…,” he said.

He accepts that he is acting on his own volition and not on the orders of the President but he explains his motives, saying that he doesn’t want “anyone to come and undermine the government”.

“Hafiz has been Regional Youth Organiser, First Vice and Second Vice, and politics, you have to reward people who have suffered…”

“Nobody should come and get it easy because they have money,” he said.

Mr Issahaku has confirmed to Joy News that the voice in the tape is his but he maintains that it was a private conversation and not a public statement.

“…but once somebody has privately recorded me and brought it to public domain, I need to state the facts…”

“It is true that it is my voice and I said that on conviction on some important reasons,” he stated.

He explains that Mr Saali, the one he was lobbying for has the necessary experience needed for the Chairmanship portfolio.

The NPP is holding its regional delegates congress, from April, 21 to 24 across the 10 regions to elect regional executives that would steer the party’s affairs toward election 2020.

Follow the link to view the list of winners as of Sunday.