NSIA Insurance has out-doored a new product, Apakan, together with the launch of its new office at Lapaz in Accra over the weekend.

Apakan, a digitally supported payment system product, tailored motor insurance especially for Taxi and commercial drivers was unveiled to the surprise of the public. 

It is an innovative product which pre-finances the motor insurance cost and affords car owners the flexibility to pay off within 12 months. 

According to the General Manager-Finance, Aaron Packeys, Apakan gives the insured an opportunity to pay their auto insurance in weekly installments.

“If you pay your weekly insurance installment consistently for 3months, NSIA will go ahead and provide your annual insurance for you while you take your time to pay the rest. This means that you don’t actually take bulk money to buy insurance,” he said. 

It makes it easy for drivers and car owners to register with any NSIA–Apakan agent or call for subscription and enquiries with the introduction of a toll-free line.

The location of the new office is in the bid to bring insurance to the doorsteps of residents of Lapaz and its environs which has a hub of commercial drivers, SMEs and individuals.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Managing Director of NSIA Insurance, Mabel Nana Nyarkoa Porbley, said NSIA is resolute in its commitment to making insurance easy and convenient to its clients.

“Every insurance company is assessed by how viable they are. Currently, NSIA Insurance has more than 700% solvency rate and that goes a long way to determine how quickly you are able to pay claims," she said.

She said people should not be scared to insure with NSIA adding they have the capacity to carry the risk and able to pay claims within the shortest possible time.

She also disclosed that NSIA Ghana has been highly capitalized to far exceed the regulatory requirement of GHC 15m, making the company more than capable of managing all risks portfolios in Ghana.