The first edition of Season 4 of Adom TV’s highlife music talent reality show, Nsoromma showcased brilliant performances by the lucky contestants who made it to the top 12.

The 12 contestants thrilled the audience and judges with awesome performances last Sunday, January 16.

The performer to kickstart the show for the night was Nhyira Akoto Afriyie who performed ‘Monko Mo Akyi’ by Joyce blessing.

Amanor Gideon was the next contestant who mounted the stage and performed ‘Adam Nana’ by Joyce Blessing.

The third performer for the night, Doris Adjei, performed Diana Hamilton’s ‘Mo Ne Yo’.

Fourth and fifth performances were staged by Hadassah Maame Afia Anku and Lord Noble.

 Afia Anku performed ‘I Swerve It’ by Joyce Blessing.

Lord Noble also performed ‘Onyame Aseda’ by Kweku Gyesi.

The next contestant Precious Mbir performed ‘W’aka Nea Maye’ by Jane and Bernice.

Francisca Adom impressed the audience with her performance of ‘Ebenezer’ by Georgia Adjei.

Anita Anim also performed ‘W’asem’ by Diana Hamilton.

Samuel Sam, also known as Samzik, performed ‘Edin Ben Nie’ by Reverend Kusi Berko.

Lady Theodora Pascal mounted the stage performing ‘Odomankoma’ by Nana Yaw Asare.

Bertha Aboagye’s song titled ‘Ebenezer’ was performed by Daniel Antwi.

The last performer, Keziah Adu stormed the stage with Anita Afriyie’s ‘Adehye Mogya’ and ended the show on a good note.

The show ended with Best costume being won by Francisca Adom and Lady Theodora Pascal winning the best performer award for the night.

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