The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is expected to organise an Energy Conservation Summit this year to sensitise students on the judicious use of electricity in schools and at homes.

Through the Office of the Secretary for Union Development, NUGS will partner the Energy Commission of Ghana to provide a platform for students and players in the sector to interact about the energy value chain.

“This, we believe, would go a long way to mitigate the wastage in utility usage across our schools and society at large since students spend considerable time at home as well. It will train students on the need to conserve power amid growing concerns about the unsustainable government policy to pay for utilities in public tertiary institutions.”

“It will also ensure that the student mind is adequately trained to appreciate energy conservation in schools and the society as a whole through interactions with experts from key players,” a press statement issued by the Union Development Secretary, Ewoenam Amenu Yakor, explained.

The Summit has been pegged on the theme, ‘The Responsibility of Students in Energy Conservation’ and is expected to gather students across the country.

“The project would address the type of appliances to use, right time to put on/off appliances, what power wastage means to government expenditure, among others.”

“The Summit seeks to rally students and student leaders across the country to meet with experts from various stakeholders in the energy sector to educate and impart into the student populace the need to conserve energy and possibly look at ways of diversifying the sector so as to ease the pressure of government having to pay for utilities for public tertiary institutions,” the statement added.

The date and venue of the event are yet to be announced.