Ghana is 4991.83km from South Africa. It will take you 6 hours 39 minutes to make the journey by air. But on 5th October 2013, distance and flight time will not matter. Ghana and South Africa will be united in an extraordinarily animated time of praise and worship with the world-acclaimed South African musical group Joyous Celebration.

Joy FM in collaboration with Urban Link Consult will be bringing you the first in a series of gospel concerts dubbed Ghana Praise Festival 2013.

Joyous Celebration? Never heard of it, but you sang it, never listened to them but you danced it, never seen any of their artistes, but virtually every gospel choir in any urban charismatic church in Ghana has performed their songs – “Phind’ukhulume” and “Amen”.

So you see? It’s a simple name for a group but a profound impact for gospel music lovers all over the world.

It’s very much like drinking dihydrogen monoxide without knowing it’s just water. You don’t know the name but you know what the name does -refreshing a thirsty, dehydrated body.

So come 5th October, the team that sang, ‘Jerusalema’ and ‘Amen’ will be here to refresh the thirst Ghanaian soul for energetic praise and worship.

Southern African musicians are among a rare group of cultures who do not have to sing in English before their song becomes internationally acclaimed. The world appears to have accepted that no matter how tongue-twisting Zulu or isiXhosa may be, their songs will always have this unique place in the world’s bosom.

Methink, God must have given them an extra music gene.

Take Loliwe, a song by South African Afrosoul singer Zahara. She sings it in East London and a white crowd gets emotional without getting exactly what she is singing about.

That is South Africa for you.