The city of Greenbelt in Maryland was shaken to its core foundations from July 1-3 2016 when alumni of the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (Odadees) from US and Canada descended on the town for their first North America reunion.

The event was a watershed moment in Presec Alumni history because of a longing desire to have a vibrant chapter in North America. The three-day event under the theme: “Mobilizing & Harnessing Resources for Our Alma Mater” was thus to inaugurate a North American Chapter and raise funds for an ultra-modern multi-purpose food court for the school.

In attendance was La Mantse Nii Kpobi Tettey Tsuru III an Odadee himself and Odadee Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa deputy Minister of Education of ‘99 year group

It was nostalgia galore as senior Odadees came down to the level of their juniors and interacted with them recounting stories, jokes, and experiences in Presec provoking great laughter. The proverbial Presec camaraderie and spirit de corps was evidently on full display.

The congress which came off on Saturday morning, elected a six-member executive headed by Odadee Sam Addo of 1976 year group to steer affairs for the next 2 years. Regional Coordinators for the various regions of US and Canada were also appointed. The afternoon session saw two informative talks; a health talk by Dr Francesca Dwamena of Aburi Girls and an investment/ retirement talk by Ms April Taylor of Diamond State Financial Group followed by Q& A sessions.

Odadees in US, Canada form North America chapter


The evening was a black tie dinner/fundraising and Odadees turned out impeccably dressed to the admiration of their Abugiss ladies in attendance. After dinner and a rousing Keynote speech by Odadee Prof Ben Dwamena, Professor of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, it was time for dancing and Odadees did not disappoint as they displayed their dancing skills a far improvement from the records night days of yesteryears.

Sunday morning was a thanksgiving service where the elected executives were inducted into office by Rev Dr ESM Markwei the Global Alumni President and thence to The Upper Malboro Park for a barbecue/picnic session with our friends from Motown. Sumptuous kebabs, waakye, jollof rice, fried yams and kelewele and drinks flowed as we danced to music. Side attraction at the picnic was a garri soakings session where the communal eating habit of yester years was reenacted.

On the whole the 3-day reunion was an overwhelming success and Odadees departed for their homes looking forward for the next reunion in 2018.




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