A third of all our desires are associated with money — it is financial resources that are so often lacking for many of us. Therefore, we do not get tired of asking the Universe for all kinds of material benefits, higher wages, a profitable business in Nigeria, and so on.

We sincerely believe in a miracle and hope that tomorrow, the very event will happen that will mark the beginning of a new abundant life — without debts and eternal savings. But, unfortunately, miracles often don’t happen. We still go to our unloved work, carefully plan our purchases, frantically count every dollar in our wallet and constantly think about how to attract money to ourselves to make our life a bit more comfortable.

Agree, it is upsetting when you are struggling to improve your financial situation, but nothing works. One gets the impression that the energy of money bypasses you. At the same time, financial success comes to other people incredibly easily! How many times have you heard stories of your acquaintances about profitable deals and easy money when forex trading, about how, by a lucky chance, they managed to get a significant sum on Forex?

Why do some people like money, while others do not?

To get an answer to it, you need to carefully look at the relationship that you have developed with finances, and analyse:

  • What do you really think about money?
  • What emotions are you experiencing?
  • How do you react to them?

All this predetermines the relationship that you have with money. Often the reason for financial failure is precisely the mistakes of thinking that block the energy of money, which makes it extremely difficult to make a living.

Mistake # 1. Thinking in categories of obstacles

As stated by Forextime, wealth and fame come through trials and efforts — this is what almost all fairy tales and legends teach us. Remember, to get half of the kingdom and the hand of the princess, you need to risk your life in a deadly battle with the dragon. This belief is firmly ingrained into the subconscious of most people who do not understand how the true laws of money and monetary energy work.

A poor-minded person will not take the chance to start his own business because he sees this path filled with obstacles. Here’s how he thinks:

  • Fierce competitors will not let me get on my feet;
  • There may be problems with the tax authorities;
  • There are no suitable premises in my city;
  • I will not be able to negotiate with suppliers;
  • If it doesn’t work out, I’ll lose everything I have.

Thinking in terms of obstacles is when you find a hundred reasons why it is NOT worth changing.

Mistake # 2. Thinking in the “do it later” category

Let’s think about who money loves: the one who every day with an open heart goes towards his dreams, or the one who constantly repeats “I will do it tomorrow”? Obviously, the energy of money will never enter the life of a person who says to it: “Just not today.” It is strange that then he is sincerely surprised: “Why doesn’t money love me?”

Okechukwu Chukwuebuka: Our top 3 money mistakes

Mistake number 3. Unhealthy attitude to money

An unhealthy love of money is like a toxic relationship in a couple, where love and hate, passion and contempt, jealousy and disgust, and many more conflicting feelings are mixed in one bottle.

First, you need to understand how you feel about money. To understand whether you have unhealthy feelings about finances, it is enough to honestly answer a few questions:

  • Are you painfully parting with every penny?
  • Rejoicing when you get paid?
  • Do you suffer terribly when you lose even a small amount?
  • Do you despise those who live in luxury?
  • Are you sorry you borrowed, gifted or donated money?
  • Do you enjoy the process of saving money and feel pain when you have to spend it?
  • Do you judge how other people spend their money?
  • Are you stressed and anxious when thinking about finances?

Of course, these are not all signs of an unhealthy attitude towards money. But already several affirmative answers to the above questions indicate the existence of financial problems.

Most people are fanatically in love with money. But a harmonious relationship with the energy of money can only be built when bills and coins are perceived not as an end, but as a means to an end. Getting up in the morning is not necessary for the sake of earning an extra penny, but for the sake of some kind of mission. Remember that gratitude is one of the most powerful forces that shapes the material side of our life.

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