Oracle, a world leading technology company, has opened its regional office at the Airport City in Accra to further the company’s clouds portfolio expansion across the country as well as provide sales and consultancy service across the sub region.

The ultra modern office is located in the Stanbic Tower Building.

The country manager of the company Mr. Joseph Asumang said “as a global technology leader, Oracle is committed to innovation, leadership, and excellence and has invested more than US$39 billion in research and development since 2004.

“Our technology is  built on open industry standards, and one  way that Oracle’s engineers drive innovation is  by participating more than a hundred standard-setting organizations.”

Cherian Varghese, Oracle’s Cluster Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa said the new Oracle regional facility represents the growth of the company’s business in Ghana as it continues to invest in its people and their personal development to best serve customers while supporting its numerous partners.

Oracle opens Regional office in Ghana

“Oracle Ghana understands the importance of personal engagement with customers and partners, and the new office affords the company with a great opportunity to strengthen that relationship even further, “he said.

“Through our vibrant local partner ecosystem and dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced employees, based here in Accra and throughout the greater West Africa region, we provide customers with high-value products and services, and work to build lasting relationship through day-to-day engagements,” he adds.

In addition its business growth, the Oracle Academy has undertaken a number of training programmes  for educators and leaders in Ghana.

Asumang said successfully setting up a corporate presence in Ghana “demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to doing business here and supporting  our customers and partners in West Africa”.

He reiterated Oracle Ghana’s commitment to upholding the company’s global reputation by providing avant-garde technology solutions to its clientele.

“Our approach in Ghana aligns with Oracle’s global strategy:  we are committed to helping organizations to transition to, and embrace the cloud; enabling them to transform their business with Oracle solutions.

“From the data center to the clouds, Oracle help a eliminate the complexity that can stifle business innovation,” he said.

 By simplifying the IT environment, Asumang said, Oracle enables its customers – 420,000 of them across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries –  to innovate faster added and create added value for their own customers. “Our customers are using information  technology as a  power tool.

“They are saving money, they are delivering services that weren’t possible before and they finding very smart ways to bring their products to market.

 "Throughout Africa we have seen remarkable innovation and transformation”, he said.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Minister of Communications Dr. Edward Omane Boamah commended the management of Oracle Ghana for responding to the vision of President John Mahama to transform the structure of the Ghana economy through diversification, innovation and support for made in Ghana goods.

He said the opening of this new office complex is a further step to prove to the world that Ghana is open for business.  

Mr. Omane Boamah noted that Ghana will continue to be at the fore front of telecommunication technology advances and innovations in West Africa as government is still investing in infrastructure to bridge the digital divide between the urban and rural communities in Ghana.

He however said that since small scale enterprises are known to be the backbone of the Ghanaian  economy, government will continue to assist both small and medium scale businesses to access  technologies so as to be  more  efficient, effective to ensure long  term sustainability for  national development.

 In this regard it is our expectation that the presence of oracle Ghana translate to better support and empowerment in sustainability to our SMEs.

 The government through the Ministry of Communications is ready to explore new ways of mutually beneficial engagement with Oracle Ghana but with an  expectation that with this  new office complex, a new impetus  and a huge momentum to oracle contributions to ICT development  in Ghana will be huge.

Oracle has an academy which has trained more than 45 educators from nine universities in database, programming, and java programming.

 The oracle has also trained school children between the ages of 8 and 14 old on Alice, tool designed to give young people their first exposure to programming.


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