Orchid Hospitality Management Services (OHMS) has been nominated for the Europe Business Assembly award.

The selection of Orchid is based on excellent business reputation, successful management and dynamic growth of enterprise.

Orchid Hospitality Management Services, which currently manages the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, specialises in hospitality management and consultancy services, was selected for the `Best Enterprise` award.

The Europe Business Assembly `Best Enterprise` award was established to support companies which meet all European standard requirements.

The main purpose of Europe Business Assembly is defining prominent companies with their further promotion and assistance in entering EBA society, assistance in attraction of partners world-wide among EBA members due to EBA growing chain of subsidiaries and partners in 60 countries.

In November 2012, Orchid Hospitality Management Services won International Business Initiative (BID) Quality Award in London for achievements, prestige, quality improvement and innovation.

Mrs Rebecca Amoh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orchid Hospitality Management Services, expressed delight that the company has been nominated among other international businesses from around the world and dedicated the award to the staff of Orchid Hospitality Management Services.

The selection was made by EBA sociologists and it is based on the EBA Rate Institution’s research and recommendations of their partners in international image programme `Leaders of the XXI century` as well as the results of national and international rates and media content-analysis.

During the research procedure EBA specialists take into account such criteria as high quality of production and services, importance for region, positive customers` opinion, social business responsibility, implementation of new technologies.

Previous winners of Europe Business Assembly prizes were world leading companies including KRKA d.d. (Slovenia), International Marble Co (Oman), Malaysia Smelting Corporation, Concern Farmakom (Serbia), Bella Bulgaria, BMW Egypt, Aktif Bank (Turkey), ZAFCO/ZTI Tires Inc (USA), China Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd, Sery Creative Communications (Austria), UTEL (Ukraine), Belshina (Republic of Belarus), Aluminum of Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan), Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd. (India), Union Tobacco & Cigarette Industries Company (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russian Federation).


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