Mr Isaac Atasige, a Campaign Coordinator of Papa Owusu Ankomah in the Northern sector on Saturday noted that the ordinary members of the New Patriotic Party were not satisfied with their circumstances since the Party took power, because the various Constituency executives had no input in the appointment of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.

As a result, majority of these Chief Executives felt they were only accountable to those who facilitated their appointment and cared very little whether their actions were in the interest of the party or not.

Papa Owusu Ankomah, he stated, has promised to address this situation if given the nod to eventually become the next President of Ghana by making sure that constituency executives nominate four qualified people for each Chief Executive position for the President to pick one for confirmation by the Assemblies.

Mr Atasige was speaking to the Ghana News Agency during a visit to the Upper West Region to meet with potential delegates to the Party’s congress slated for December 22 this year.

He said Mr Owusu-Ankomah has made it his cardinal policy to spend eight hours at the Party headquarters within every three-month period in order to forge close working relationship between party and government if he becomes the next President.

This policy, according to the Campaign Coordinator, would be replicated at the regional and district levels to ensure that the current gulf between party functionaries and government functionaries was bridged.

At 49 years of age, he said, Mr Owusu-Ankomah was the bridge between the young and old in the country and therefore delegates should see him as the one better placed to address issues affecting all the generations and therefore cast their ballots for him.

Mr Owusu-Ankomah demonstrated his concern for the party faithful by decentralizing all contracts when he was the Minister of Education, Science and Sports just to make sure those at the grassroots also got some work to do, Mr Atasige added.

Mr Jacob Worman, a member of the Campaign team said Mr Owusu-Ankomah has demonstrated his ability to lead the country by serving in the government in six different cabinet positions without any question marks, and therefore had the ability to build on the good foundation laid by President Kufuor.

Source: GNA


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