The artworks of Billy  Baffoe Bonnie, one of Ghana’s fast-rising art painters, received global recognition at this year’s Art Basel held in Miami in the United States of America.

The three-day events, which began on December 2, and ended on Saturday, December 4, brought together over 1000 art enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world. 

This year’s event saw various artworks from different art painters who displayed their unique collections to the glaring of the large crowd.

Ghana’s own celebrated art painter, Billy saw his collections given prominent recognition and displayed all at a private Gallery in Wynwood on the last day of the Art Basel Miami

Some of the famous American stars that  appreciated Billy’s art were Justin Dior Combs, the son of Hip-hop star P Diddy and Tommie

Billy exhibited about 10 paintings which were sold with his biggest paintings selling for over $ 150,000.

At the exhibition centre, the section where Billy’s artworks were displayed witnessed one of the largest gatherings.

An international art event organiser known as Pjkev, handled the auction of Billy’s painting.

Pjkev is known for his outstanding art organisation and event held globally.

Billy was heavily represented by his team led by his manager, Bashiru Tahiru.

This year’s event was attended by famous celebrities, including, award-winning hip-hop star, Meek Mills.

Unique style

Speaking at the event, one of the event organisers, Pjkev described Billy’s artworks as masterpieces.

He said the art paintings from Billy drew the attention of the gathering because of the multiple colours and deep meanings his artworks portrayed. 

“The art collectors could not pass by Billy’s section as his paintings caught their attention instantly,” Pjkev said.

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