Parliament has approved a $10.1 million tax waiver for the medical products drone delivery project by Fly Zipline Ghana Limited.

The waiver is on materials and equipment to be procured under the service agreement between the government of Ghana, represented by the Ministry of Health, and Fly Zipline Ghana Limited, for the delivery of emergency health and blood products to public health facilities. 

Parliament in December 2018 approved by a majority decision, an agreement to allow the use of drones to distribute essential drugs and blood to health facilities across the country.

Minority MPs raised concerns over why Fly Zipline was sole-sourced for the $12 million project.

The Minority claimed the deal was bloated. 

They voted against its approval but the Majority used its numbers to approve the deal.

A report by the Finance Committee laid before Parliament on Wednesday recommended that the House greenlights the tax waiver, which the plenary approved.