Participation at the forums organized in the Volta Region to garner views on the proposed review of the 1992 constitution has been overwhelming, Mr Eric Delanyo Alifo, Coordinator of the Constitutional Review Commission team in the Region said on Thursday.

He said besides the numbers that attended the various forums, content of contributions were insightful and should add to the store of proposals being collected in the countrywide exercise.

Mr Alifo was speaking at the last of such public encounters at Agortime-Kpetoe, in the Adaklu-Anyigbe District to climax the about six weeks “tedious but fulfilling” work of the committee in the Region.

He observed that the Volta Region experience, justified the broad base consultation of the review in contrast to the centralized process of the past.

Ms Mercy Quarcoo, a participant, called for the exclusion of the clauses that demanded that Members of Parliament (MPs) could only be served with summons at home.

She said that clause was against the spirit of the 1992 Constitution and the Rule of Law which sought to ensure equality for all before the law.

“If I, a teacher could be served with summons while at work why shouldn’t an MP be served,” Ms Quarcoo stated with murmurs of support from majority at the forum.

The consensus at the Agortime-Kpetoe forum was that chiefs should remain barred from active politics and that a president who changed parties while serving his tenure should resign.

Forty-four issues have been listed by the Commission for discussion at the countrywide district forums to be followed by regional and national consultative meetings before recommendations are made to the President.

Source: GNA


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