The Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo has paid glowing tribute to the performance of the Atta Mills led administration, declaring that Ghanaians are better off now than they were before the National Democratic Congress took over the reign of power some two years ago.

“Ghana is in a better position to do business with the world than it used to be. Besides Ghanaians earn much more than they used to earn in the past two years. Things are far better. In Africa we are gradually gaining a position of trust and an oasis of peace, tranquility and development,” he said.

He was speaking on Radio Gold’s 60 minutes interview programme on Tuesday. He said “this is not the Ghana we saw yesterday. This is a different type of Ghana; a different type of economy and the oil has just started flowing in.”

Having been able to reduce inflation to its minimum, stabilized the country’s currency and economy, Mr Pelpuo was hopeful the country’s credit rating is so high it can borrow enough money for development.

“It is a Ghana where borrowing $750 million will no longer be the highest you have ever borrowed. It is a Ghana where we can borrow $1.5 billion, where people are willing to give us $10 billion. So when we compare the two economies of yesterday and today it gives the impression that we don’t appreciate the point we have gotten to now.”

This he said can only translate into more development for the country.

“From this year onwards when the STX takes off and then the road construction works take off and some other projects we are envisaging – water projects, electricity projects take off, more jobs will be available; more people are going to be employed; more money is going to flow into their pocket,’ he assured.

Apart from the economy, he said the government has achieved giant strides in peace and stability in the country.

“There is peace; the spate of armed robbery has decreased dramatically; the situation where people take arms against each other because of chieftaincy and other related issues have been arrested somehow and we are no longer seeing very dramatic changes in our lives to the negative,” he added.

Mr Pelpuo lauded government’s achievements on education, saying, the government has been able to build over 20 new schools in his constituency and has replicated similar feats across the country.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/