The Medical superintendent of the Apam Catholic Hospital, Dr Ebenezer Ameka has advised pensioners to ensure that they live a healthy lifestyle to ensure long life and happiness in their old age.

He said the reliance on aphrodisiacs can be very harmful in the long term because some of them can lead to the loss of libido.

He asked them to take a rest as a means of reducing stress and also check their blood pressure at least once a week.

Dr Ameka was addressing members of the Gomoa West Ghana pensioners Association at an end-of-year reception hosted by the Chief of Apam, Nana Adu Effrim X.

He urged them to undertake regular exercises, especially walking and take in more fruits, vegetable and healthy foods.

The Medical superintendent recommended physiotherapy treatment for stroke victims, saying that, it was not costly to do it..

He appealed to people who experience sudden onset of severe headache to report immediately to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

“Those with blurred vision and those who lose balance whilst walking must also do likewise”.

Dr Ameka advised against the usage of unscientific proven herbal drugs which claim to have the cure of stroke and hypertension.