The Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement at CDD-Ghana, Dr. Kojo Pumpuni Asante is urging the Ghana Police Service to deal with perpetrators of electoral violence on individual basis.

This according to him will serve as a better deterrent to others with similar plans to cause havoc.

Mr. Asante’s contribution comes on the heels of several reports of violence over the last few weeks, particularly among supporters of the two major political parties.

On Sunday, October 22, members of the NPP and the NDC clashed at the Odododiodio Constituency during a health walk.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News’ Sampon Lardy Anyenini on Newsfile, Mr. Asante appealed to the Inspector General of Police to treat the matter as one of urgency.

“If somebody is hurt and the person who caused the problem is not dealt with by the law, the next time there is a situation, they will take advantage of it. And we’ve seen a lot of this in so many hotspots.

“The Police have to revamp their resources and be swift and the CID needs to have more people that can deal with a case as quickly as possible, and transparently; not with selective justice.

“Because whether it is NPP or NDC, they all have to be prosecuted and dealt with so that everybody sees that even if they hide behind their political parties to commit a crime, judgment will be meted out to them on an individual basis,” he noted.

Mr Asante’s concerns also address safety issues raised during the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development’s pre-election survey.

The report had indicated that there is considerable apprehension about violence by party and candidate supporters and that Ghanaians remain concerned about the activities of party vigilantes, which is underscored by the desire for armed security personnel to be present at the polling stations.

“Without discipline, people are going to act in impunity. We have the opportunity a month or five weeks to the elections to address the issue and assure people that there will be no violence before or during election day,” he added.