Celebrated Jazz musician, Peter White has arrived in Ghana ahead of the maiden edition of the Stanbic Jazz festival slated for May 9 and 10 at the Labadi Beach hotel.

This would be Peter White’s second visit to Ghana, and Stanbic Bank seeks to generate new levels of interest and support for jazz and encourage jazz lovers to preserve and promote the genre.

Peter White, who is a smooth jazz fusion guitarist, would be backed by a local band and supported by artistes such as Oli Silk, Ofie Kodjoe, Acka Blay and a few other local artistes.

With just hours to the event, White has promised patrons especially customers of Stanbic Bank a concert of a lifetime.

The UK-born music sensation, who is headlining the concert, said it's been a while since he performed in Ghana adding that he is fired up for the show.

“I am excited to be back in Ghana because this country gives me the true African feeling. Anyone who will come to the concert should expect lots of surprises".

Asked about the inspiration behind his music success, White said he owes his huge success to fans in and out of the African continent because "they are the ones that have been holding me down forever. Whenever I get their support, it helps me stay on top."

Peter White also revealed that he is looking forward to doing some major collaboration with some Ghanaian jazz artistes.



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