Photos: Bird fights own image in mirror

A grey Barbary Dove appears to have fallen out of favour with its own image as it discovered in a huge dressing mirror after initially falling in love with the spectacle and catching shoppers’ interest.

The mirror serves as aid to patrons of the Colors of African Clothing and Crafts shop at Cantonments near South African High Commission in Accra, but ever since the bird discovered its own image in it, the mirror has become an intriguing fixture for the bird.

Initially the bird would observe and admire all its hops and chirp as well as sit at close range, but it now pecks and fights the image endlessly, and according to Eugenia Esenam Ansah, a shop attendant, the bird may be too "crazy" with the image in the mirror.

Patrons of the gift shop suspect the dove no longer wants the mirror to ‘mimic’ its actions, hence the squabble that has left dents on the mirror after its pecks.

Among the artefacts on exhibition and sale at the frontage of the shop are carvings of animals, leather products, clothing of varied African designs and colourful birds, but it is the mirror that the bird daily chooses, forcing Eugenia to remove the mirror entirely to end the weird visitations of the bird.