Dr Kojo Asante (Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement, CDD-Ghana)

Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement at the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development says political parties should place more emphasis on the benefit of their infrastructure to the citizens.

Dr Kojo Pumpuni Asante said the building of infrastructure is only a means to end one suffering or another of citizens.

Thus, it is important for these citizens to be able to tout how much their lives have improved because of one infrastructure or another.

“In Dr Bawumia’s presentation, when he was talking about the dam, he mentions the fact that they are supposed to facilitate year-round irrigation, and that is supposed to promote a certain type of yield for farmers while ensuring that the reduction poverty and more.”

“If the citizens are only able to say that there is a dam in my area, it has no benefit unless the connection is made,” he said on Newsfile.

Dr Asante told host Samson Lardy Anyenini that it is not enough for parties to just list infrastructure without finding out exploring its value for money.

Dr Asante’s comment comes after the Vice President at a Town Hall Meeting highlighted the governing NPP’s achievement in infrastructure after four years in power.

The declarations were met with questions from the minority and some citizens on the supposed performance of the party.

The CDD Director stated that many of these questions will have been answered if there are more discussions on how to measure the progress of these infrastructures in people’s life.

“If the benefit comes directly to the citizen they can say that ‘since the government came, I have improved my yield gaining more income, and therefore I am well off’,” he stated.

When parties focus more on how much impact their infrastructure has mage, people, ultimately, will be able to have the opportunity to make a judgement call on a party’s performance, Dr Asate added.

This will, in turn, help citizens make a decision on who to vote into power when these benefits are highlighted.

Dr Asante added that exploring the impact of infrastructure will also help these parties debate in a more constructive and substantive manner.