The People’s National Convention (PNC) is warning of stiff sanctions to its members and executives who endorse or assist its former flagbearer Hassan Ayariga in creating a breakaway party.

The warning, contained in a statement signed by the party’s General Secretary, Atik Mohammed, follows media reports suggested that Mr. Ayariga has lured some PNC executives to endorse forms to create his own party.

Hassan Ayariga is the PNC’s immediate past flagbearer. He was dethroned by veteran Dr Edward Mahama during their recent congress on 12th December in Wa.

Below is the full statement from the party.


It has come to the notice of the leadership of the party that, some individuals including certain renegade members of the party are going round the constituencies asking our executives to endorse forms meant for the formation of a new political party. Leadership therefore by this release, wishes to inform all members of the party that such visits should not be countenanced nor tolerated. Indeed, those individuals making these moves must be resisted.

We further like to state that, any member who signs any such documents is by that act, forfeiting his membership of our great party. And those who were hoodwinked or lied to, that such an exercise was with the party’s sanction must as a matter of urgency, write or cause to be written a disclaimer to the Electoral Commission in the person’s District.

We also like to inform all members that, such unscrupulous characters should not be afforded support of any kind. No member is to be seen accommodating or assisting them in any shape or form.  Any member who fails to heed this instruction will be duly sanctioned by the party.

As for those undertaking this fraudulent exercise, we are warning them to stop harassing our members and look for their own people to found whatever entity they have set out to form. Ghana is a free country and everybody is entitled to form any association or group of his choosing, but that does not entitle anyone to predate on members of our party. We will not accept it and we will not allow it.

Meanwhile, we will like to use this opportunity to reassure our committed and hard working members that, the new leadership is poised now more than ever, to make the People’s National Convention a more formidable and electable alternative that Ghanaians have hankered for so long. We want to urge the rank and file of our great party not to be distracted in any way by this ignominious move, but apply themselves fully to the task ahead. This task seeks to offer Ghanaians as the Presidential Candidate has mentioned; New Beginnings, New Deal , New Force.

We also want to use this medium to commend the exceptionally high commitment and love demonstrated by members of our beloved party in rejecting in the clearest terms possible, the shameless invitations that have been extended to them by those embarking on this already failed mission of forming a new party.

Finally, we want to inform members of our party and all Ghanaians that, the flag bearer together with the national executive, will soon embark on a nation-wide thank-you tour to set the stage for next year’s campaign.

We have a great party, together we shall make it better!

God Bless Us All


Atik Mohammed

(General Secretary)