The Ghana Police Service on Wednesday cautioned the public to be extra vigilant about the activities of criminals and fraudsters during the Yuletide to avoid being swindled.

The police said: “As we are entering into the Christmas festivities many criminals and fraudsters would use various schemes to outwit unsuspecting individuals, therefore be careful to avoid falling prey to their activities”.

The Takoradi District Police Crime Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr Huseini Musah Awinaba, gave the caution in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Takoradi.

He entreated the public to keep the emergency numbers of the Police and Fire Service so that they could report emergencies quickly to the authorities concerned for action and entreated people to report suspicious characters in their vicinity to the police.

Mr Awinaba cautioned traders, in particular, to examine currencies people used to purchase their items properly because fraudsters used fake currencies to buy huge items during the Yuletide saying; “be watchful to avoid being duped”.

He admonished the public to properly lock their doors with sophisticated keys to avoid criminals breaking into their rooms.

He advised people to employ the services of private security firms to guard their homes since many people would travel for church conventions and other places of interest to celebrate the Yuletide.

Mr Awinaba also cautioned the public to look out for expiry dates on items offered for sale during Christmas festivities to avoid consuming unwholesome goods because sometimes some unscrupulous businesses sold expired items on affordable rates to unsuspecting individuals.

He entreated parents to leave their children in the care of responsible people especially at the beaches and poolside so as to avoid swimming at dangerous places.

“For your own security reasons do not leave your food or drink in the care of people you cannot trust since dishonest people could contaminate them with substances which could result in irreparable consequences,” he added.

Mr Awinaba warned drivers and pedestrians alike to be careful on the road to prevent avoidable accidents adding that during the Yuletide people travel a lot therefore drivers take advantage to over-speed to make more money which results in accidents.

He said the Police Service would intensify patrols in the region to deal swiftly and decisively with any emergencies in order to make the Christmas a memorable one for all Ghanaians.