Prosecutors in Accra have dropped the charge of unnatural carnal knowledge leveled against a 16-year-old boy who was allegedly forced to engage in the sexual act.

Little Papa (pseudonym) said he was forced at knifepoint to engage in sodomy with a 30-year-old father of two whom he calls ‘uncle’.

But the Police in Amasaman, a suburb of Accra accused the truamatised boy of complicity in the act and charged him with sodomy.

Ghana's Criminal Offences Act 1960(29) Section -104- Unnatural Carnal Knowledge reads:

(1) Whoever has unnatural carnal knowledge:

(a) Of any person of the age of sixteen years or over without his consent shall be guilty of a first-degree felony and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twenty-five years; or

(b) Of any person of sixteen years or over with his consent is guilty of a misdemeanour; or

(c) Of any animal is guilty of a misdemeanour

(2) Unnatural carnal knowledge is sexual intercourse with a person in an unnatural manner or with an animal.

Narrating the incident, Little Papa said he was on an errand when Mr Owusu called him, pleading that he escorts him home to change his attire at home since he [Little Papa] was heading his way.

“When we got to his room, he asked whether I had watched a pornographic material before, I answered no. He again asked whether I have watched any movie with men having sexual intercourse before and I said no. He then told me he would like to have anal sex with me, but, I boldly declined and drew his attention to the fact that, it is against our culture,” Little Papa told Joy News’ Kwetey Nartey.

He said he was later threatened with a knife by the uncle to have sex with him through the anus. When he reported the matter to the police, he was rather charged with having unnatural carnal knowledge was sent to court.

On Thursday, Little Papa’s lawyer petitioned the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General on the matter.

A court hearing scheduled for Friday did not come off, Joy News’ Joseph Ackay-Blay reports.

According to the reporter, the family of Little Papa was  later informed the charge has been dropped.

However, there were still some disagreements regarding whether Mr Owusu had anal sex with Little Papa.