The police have arrested the owner of the mine pit which caved-in on illegal miners at Dunkwa-on-Offin in the Central Region on Sunday to assist in investigations into the cause of the tragedy.

The mine was alleged to have caved in after he had ordered the excavation of mud deposits. There is still uncertainty over the number of people who may have perished in the tragedy.

Dunkwa-on-Offin Municipal Chief Executive, Peter Owusu Eshia, told Joy News that police do not suspect any foul play even though they are holding the owner of the pit.

He could not confirm the number of miners suspected to have been buried in the mud. Earlier reports suggested that about 70 miners may have been trapped in the pit.

D.O. Adusa, Municipal Fire Officer for Dunkwa-on-Offin said as at Tuesday afternoon no progress had been made in attempts to reach the victims.

He said excavators are still working to create a ridge to stop water from flowing into the pit. With the prevailing muddy water in the pit, Mr Adusa said about 20 to 30 pump machines are needed to pump out the water.

He said rescuers are finding it difficult to know the number of those remaining in the pit because survivors are not forthcoming with information.

“At the moment we can’t give any figure because those who were working inside here are afraid to tell us the number of people missing.”

Personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service, Police, National Disaster Management Organisation and some residents are assisting in the rescue effort.

Story by Joy News/