The police have secured another injunction to halt a picket at the Electoral Commission planned by Let My Vote Count Alliance, a group demanding a new voters register.

The injunction snuffs out the celebratory mood of the leaders of the demonstrators who were excited that an earlier restraining order had elapsed.

A Circuit Court earlier today declared that a restraining order obtained by the police against the planned picket at the vicinity of the Electoral Commission Tuesday, September 29, 2015 had run its course.

To that extent, the protesters could go ahead with their picket unless the police obtained a fresh injunction on the protest.

The court had said that since the earlier motion was ex-parte, if the police were going back to court to secure another restraining order, they ought to do that on notice, that is, they ought to make organisers of the protest aware of their motion.

This, the court believed, would give the organisers an opportunity to raise objections if they so desired.

The police, however, went to a different Circuit Court and secured the order. It reads:

"Upon reading the affidavit of Detective/C/Inspr. John Acquah of the Ghana Police Service stationed at Regional CID, Accra, filed on 25th September, 2015 in support of Motion Ex-parte for Restraining Order to stop Let My Vote Count Alliance from demonstrating on the 29th September, 2015:

"AND UPON HEARING CH. INSPR. AFFUL, the prosecutor herein:

"IT IS HERE ORDERED that the organisers of let my vote count alliance are restrained from demonstrating on the 29th September, 2015 but fix another date in October to give Police Adequate time to prepare to ensure the safety of the demonstrators and the general public.


The injunction was granted by Circuit Court judge, Justice Jennifer Anne Myers Ahmed.

Information available to indicate that the police have not yet been able to locate the organisers of the demonstration to serve them with the injunction.