The Ghana Police Service will meet with some faith-based organisations to sensitise them on how they could avoid acting in contravention of the law in the course of their religious work.

In recent times, there have been discussions asking the police to crack the whip, particularly on Christian religious leaders whose actions are considered unlawful.

Predominant among these concerns is how some self-acclaimed prophets predict doom in the lives of popular individuals.

One of the most recent incidents is a prediction by Bishop Stephen Kwasi Appiah, who is the leader of the New Life Kingdom Chapel.

Bishop Stephen Appiah is said to have prophesied that popular Ghanaian musician, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known as Shatta Wale, will be shot on October 18, this year.

Subsequently, there was a publication that the musician had been shot and rushed to the hospital – an incident which turned out to be a hoax.

The musician has cited the pastor’s prophecy as the reason for his hoax escapade.

Shatta Wale, three members of his management team, and Bishop Stephen Appiah have all been arrested and are being prosecuted for various offences.

The award-winning musician has pleaded not guilty to the charge of the publication of false news and causing fear and panic.

His accomplices, Kojo Owusu Koranteng, Idris Yusif, and Eric Venator, have also been charged for abetment of crime.

The four are all expected to reappear in court on October 28.

Meanwhile, Bishop Stephen Appiah, who has also entered a not guilty plea for the charge of causing fear and panic, and has been granted a ¢100,000 bail by an Accra Circuit Court.

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