The Ark Foundation Ghana has called on the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to be proactive to stop homicides against women in Ghana from recurring.

The Foundation says it is alarmed at the rate at which homicides against women in the country are becoming rampant.

It said these homicides which are usually perpetrated by the spouses and boyfriends of these women are condemnable.

“The organisation recalls that these incidents are reminiscent of patterns of wife and intimate partner killings that have rocked the country in times past.

“The Ark calls for urgent and decisive interventions to arrest this “domino effect” phenomenon that presents a clear and present danger to many more women, putting their lives at risk.”

In a press release issued on March 30, the Foundation pleaded with the police to treat the call with urgency and to sensitise “the entire public about the criminality of acts of violence against women and the legal consequences of causing harm, including murder against women.”

The Foundation also called on the Interior, Justice and Gender Ministers to assist the Police in executing its mandate in keeping women safe from abusive men.

“The Ghana Police Service is further called upon to leave no stone unturned in investigating all the
recent murders of women with all the seriousness deserved and ensure that perpetrators are swiftly
brought to Justice,” it concluded.