Police investigators handling the case of kidnapped girls in Takoradi have been advised to engage in more meetings with the families of the girls.

This follows the unwillingness of the three families to cooperate with the investigators on possible new leads on the case.

The police CID boss, Tiwaa Addo Danquah had said at a press conference that the police know where the girls are and that they are safe and would be reunited with the families.

The officer, however, said at a later date that her comments were only geared at giving hope to the families.

Four months on, police have found human remains in a septic tank on property previously occupied by a prime suspect in the kidnappings, Samuel Udutoek Wills. 

An update from the police on Tuesday said a fourth set of human remains have been found at the site Udutoek was rearrested when he broke jail.

The police have said they are in contact with the families to get DNA samples to match with the remains to help in their investigations.

But speaking to the press, the families have jointly said they won’t avail themselves for the DNA tests.

According to them, the police have assured them that their girls are safe therefore it makes no sense to match their DNA with the skeletons.

Speaking to the concerns of the families on the AM Show on JoyNews, Martin Kpebu, a private legal practitioner said: “the police should engage the family behind the scenes.”

Martin Kpebu newsfile
Martin Kpebu

According to the lawyer, the families are grieving and are frustrated with the process; this has made them come out to say they won’t avail themselves for the DNA tests.

To alleviate their pains, Kpebu said some government officials should also visit the families periodically to encourage them.

“The Regional Minister should go there to engage with the families,” the lawyer advised.