Students of the Ghana School of Hygiene have accused the police of physically abusing them when they picketed the Sanitation Ministry demanding their unpaid allowance.

The students said their peaceful protest on Monday was blighted when the police came to the scene and used violent means to force them out.

According to the students, when they initially saw the police, they thought, the security personnel had been charged to protect them.

But, the officials rather started brutalising them and using pepper spray on them.

Yesterday, students of the School of Hygiene accused government of deceiving them in earlier negotiations in a bid to buy some time till after the elections.

They demanded for an immediate payment of their allowances, which have been in arrears since 2017.

Although the Sanitation Ministry’s Chief Director Noah Tumfo informed them that a committee will be established to facilitate the release of the monies, the protesters who came carrying mattresses, buckets, and gas cylinders said they will not leave until their allowances are paid.