The policy that seeks to ban the importation of second-hand fridges and provide incentive packages for people who replace their old refrigerators with approved ones will take effect from January next year.

The Executive Director of the Energy Commission, Dr Alfred Ofosu-Ahenkora, who disclosed this to the Daily Graphic, said the failure of some sponsors of the programme to release money on time had led to the postponement.

He explained that $6.3 million was needed to implement the programme for the three-year period that it was scheduled to last but sponsors had so far released only $2.7 million.

He said the commission had submitted some documentation to the Global Environment Facility of the United States, the main sponsor of the programme, and added that by the end of the year moneys would be released for the commencement of the policy.

The policy was expected to take effect from June this year.

It includes an incentive package for people who will replace their old refrigerators and buy five-star rated refrigerators for a fee yet to be decided by the commission and relevant stakeholders.

The move will ensure that all electrical gadgets, particularly refrigerators, air-conditioners, microwave ovens and washing machines, imported into the country have the five-star label on them.

The sponsors include the Multi Lateral Fund of Canada, the Global Energy Fund and the Government of Ghana.”

Dr Ofosu-Ahenkora said the Energy Commission had started educating importers of fridges to import only energy efficient ones, adding that many had complied.

He added that the law banning the importation of second-hand fridges into the country was being vigorously enforced and added that the ones already in the system before the ban would be allowed to be used by their owners.

Every fridge has a lifespan of 15 years and most second-hand fridges brought into the country are about 10 years old and are not good for the tropical weather.

As a result of the different climatic conditions from one continent to another, most of the fridges imported into the country are not good for use in Ghana.

Such gadgets consume more than 1,400 Kwh of energy per year.

Source: Daily Graphic


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