The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has called on politicians to put aside their personal interests and rather concentrate on issues that will accelerate sustainable socio-economic development.

He pointed out that personal vengeance, backbiting and in-fighting which had been associated with the body politic in the country over the years had contributed to the stagnation in the development of the country.

He, therefore charged politicians to devise means that would focus on national development issues, instead of seeking to promote their own interests at the expense of the state.

Addressing a durbar to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the restoration of the Asante Confederacy at the Manhyia Palace, Otumfuo Osei Tutu said when the electorate voted for politicians during elections, they expressed their confidence in politicians to steer the affairs of the state, not to promote their selfish interests.

He said it would amount to a betrayal of trust if, after gaining power, politicians resorted to infighting, to the detriment of national development,

The Asantehene said unity was the only tool that could help develop the country and called on politicians to stop in-fighting.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu called for an immediate end to tribal politics, saying that some public sector workers, notably Asantes, were being laid off at their workplaces without genuine reasons.

He also expressed concern over what he described as the dismissal of people with specific ethnic backgrounds.

Explaining, he said information reaching him indicated that Asantes were being dismissed from their various places of employment in Accra and said that undermined national unity.

He said the lack of love and unity among people of different ethnic groups in the country was a contributory factor for disunity in the country.

He urged traditional rulers in Ashanti to help protect tradition and show commitment and readiness to serve their people.

He asked newly installed chiefs in the region to tap the knowledge and expertise of experienced chiefs and also maintain the customs and values established by their forefathers for the benefit of the present and future generations.

He asked chiefs to eschew corrupt practices and play their respective roles in promoting development.

Source: Daily Graphic


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