The Ashanti Regional Health Directorate has begun the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to pregnant women.

Immune booster shots have also been introduced to curtail the spread and harmful effects of Covid-19 on pregnant women and the general public. 

The initial roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in Ghana excluded pregnant women, which health experts say was premised on skepticism. 

However, recent local and international findings have confirmed the vaccines are safe to be administered to pregnant women. 

Speaking at a press conference, Ashanti Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Emmanuel Tinkorang, allayed fears associated with pregnant women being vaccinated and encouraged expectant mothers to visit various centres for their jab. 

“Now, evidence has shown that we can immunize pregnant women because when they are pregnant their immunity is quite low. Therefore, if we have the privilege to immunize pregnant women, it is better.

From scientific findings, it has been shown that the vaccines are safe for pregnant women. So nobody should think of abortion and miscarriage resulting from the vaccination. It may be coincidental; you may take the vaccine and abortion happens spontaneously,” he said.

“Do not associate this with the vaccines,” he added.

Assuring the safety of the vaccines, Dr. Tinkorang said expectant mothers can receive either the Pfitzer or the Moderna vaccines. 

“Since the vaccines are safe, we are recommending Moderna and Pfitzer for pregnant women. The first dose will be given as early as possible in pregnancy and the second dose will follow that of the general population.”.  

Dr. Tinkorang indicated that the health directorate has initiated a booster policy for persons who have completed their primary vaccination 3 to 6 months ago. 

The targeted category includes persons with underlying health issues, health workers, persons aged 60 year and above, security personnel, and members of the various arms of government. 

“We know that immunity for Covid-19 wanes, so when you take the vaccines 3 to 6 months, the immunity drops. For that reason, the high-risk groups will be receiving their booster shots. The booster dose will be given 3 to 6 months after the second dose,” he added.

Active cases of Covid-19 in the Ashanti region now stands at 61, with 54 of those being managed at home and the remaining, at various treatment centres. 

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