As Ghana joins the rest of the world to mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction, pressure is mounting on the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to take part in the on-going Ebola awareness effort.

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has called for NADMO to avail its offices and men across the country to educate Ghanaians on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Speaking to Joy News, Executive Director of the BPS, Nana Yaw Akwaada, stated that the management of disaster is a comprehensive programme which should aim at ensuring that disaster does not strike in the first place.

He insisted that NADMO, with its capacity across the country, should join in the on-going Ebola awareness campaign, with the purpose of preventing a national disaster.

“We should not leave the campaign to only civil society groups like churches and NGOs and so on. It’s about time that they [NADMO] also get involved in this campaign.”

He called for NADMO boss, Kofi Portuphy to explain to Ghanaians what efforts he has made to tap into funds made available by the World Bank to manage the Ebola menace, insisting that with NADMO leading the efforts, organisations such as the BPS would be ready to lend their support.

This comes after NADMO boss, Kofi Portuphy early last month disclosed that no NADMO staff would risk their lives in the likely event of an ebola outbreak, unless they were provided with the necessary resources.

“I have said consistently that if Ebola breaks out and we are not equipped, we will not go near it”.

He stressed that Staff expect to be equipped with the appropriate protective gear to enable them identify and isolate cases of the dreaded disease, while safeguarding the staff from infection, if there should be an outbreak.

The International Day for Disaster Reduction is a day to celebrate how people and communities are reducing their risk to disasters, while raising awareness about the importance of DDR.

The theme for 2014 focuses on older people and disasters.