Private candidates who could not write the November/December 2007 West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSSCE) Physics III paper due to wrong timing were on Tuesday given the opportunity to do so.

The candidates complained bitterly about their inability to write the paper and petitioned the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) to give them another chance to write the paper as they were not to blame for the turn of events.

Following agitations by them, the date was rescheduled to Tuesday November 27 to enable the affected candidates to write the examination.

This time round, the students were at the Tema (WAEC) Examination Hall on time ready to take the paper.

Some of the candidates who spoke to the GNA expressed their appreciation to the WAEC for giving them the opportunity to write the paper.

They however, pleaded that the paper be marked early to enable them have their results at the right time to further their education.

They appealed to officials of WAEC to put in place measures to forestall the reoccurrence of such a situation.

The invigilators declined to comment on the issue as they claimed they were very busy.

On October 18, over 200 candidates could not write the physics paper because the WAEC manual given to them, which said the physics paper three was to be written on October 19 at 1400 hours started at 0900 hours instead.

Students who got to the WAEC examination centre at Tema about an hour after the start of the examination were not allowed to write because the invigilators said it was against the Council’s rules.

The frustrated students therefore called for the immediate cancellation of the paper as the change in time was not communicated to them by WAEC.

Source: GNA


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