Aggrieved Menzgold customers have dared management of the defunct gold dealership firm to produce a list of people paid as proof to an earlier claim.

“We don’t believe that people have been paid. Our union has almost 15,000 members and not a single person has received money,” Isaac Nyarko, ”‹Vice Chairman of the Coalition of Menzgold Customers told Daniel Dadzie, host of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Thursday.

The embattled firm had announced that it will from Friday, December 27, 2019, begin paying customers their locked up funds which have been in arrears for the past three years.

On December 29, 2019, Public Relations Officer for Menzgold, Nii Armah Armateifio told Joy News about 200 customers had been paid.

“I can confirm to you that by the Grace of God we commenced payment and we were able to pay 200 people today. I will not give you a range but I can tell you for a fact that as we promised our customers that we will commence payment on December 27, we have been able to do that. About 200 people who fall in the zero categories as we indicated in our press statement have received their money.”

This claim has, however, been rejected by customers across the country who say they have not seen evidence to that effect.

According to them, all affected people are in organised unions and common WhatsApp platforms and would, therefore, have been informed by leadership if payment to some members had been made.

Their anger, at what they have described as a blatant lie, led to a demonstration Wednesday, which subsequently resulted in the arrest of over 100 of the members who had picketed at the Trassaco residence of CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah.

But defending their action on Joy FM’s, Super Morning Show, Mr Nyarko said the demonstration would not have happened if leadership had proof of the alleged payment made to some 200 customers.

“We circulated messages, asked members to confirm if they have been paid and not a single person came out. We have now challenged them (Menzgold) that if they claim to be very transparent, then they should come out with the list so we can all verify the customers that they claim to have paid. But they say, they are not going to produce the list.

“We even went to the police headquarters the last time a member was invited, we asked one of the directors whether they have seen the list Nana Appiah claim to be paying but they said they didn’t have that list. So who and who has seen the list and how many people are in that category?”  he quizzed.

Responding to the challenge, Nii Armah Armateifio said the list could not be produced without approval from the customers who have received their money.

He said management had reached out to these members to confirm payment so the other customers will calm down.

“We can not put out names and account details of people without their permission and that is why the list is not out there in public. But we have been begging them to speak up and let people know they have received their money.

“We know it is not easy, but customers need to calm down. I can, however, confirm that 200 people have been paid. There will be a meeting today, after which more people will receive their money,” he said.