Photo: Professor Hinson, Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic of the University of Kigali with Access Bank Remera Associate Branch Manager, Ms. Diana Umutesi

Whiles students can be considered the bedrock of any higher education institution, students who metamorphose into alumni could also be characterised as oxygen for any University’s existence.

This is because, in the same way in which oxygen assists in multiple body functions like turning food into energy and fuelling the cells of the immune system, alumni also provide several benefits to Universities like acting as mentors and coaches to current students, exposing their alma mater Universities to their professional networks and providing financial support of Universities.

In pursuance of strengthening alumni bonds with the University of Kigali, the Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic of the University of Kigali has visited alumni of the University at the Remera branch of Access Bank in Kigali.

This visit is in pursuance of the University of Kigali’s mission to re-build and re-launch its Alumni Association in the second quarter of 2022.

Speaking with the Access Bank Remera Associate Branch Manager, Diana Umutesi, Professor Hinson reminded Madam Umutesi, that in the spirit of the “Labour for the Future” motto of the University, his visit had a threefold mission, first to discuss continuous professional development options for alumni of the University, the re-launch of the Alumni Association, and ways by which alumni can give back in meaningful ways.

On her part, Ms Diana Umutesi explained that in the future she would be interested in the pursuance of a Master’s degree or chartered professional courses.

Ms Umutesi indicated that she graduated in July 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and has worked with Access Bank since.

Other alumni in the Access Bank Remera Branch included Celina Mary Gatesi who graduated from the University of Kigali n 2021.

Professor Hinson expressed his delight at connecting with these alumni and indicated that the Marketing and Institutional Advancement Directorate are developing an alumni engagement programme to assist the University’s alumni in further developing their careers and encourage them to give back to the University.

Professor Hinson also committed to staying in touch with these alumni and to make his professional network available to them in case they needed to conduct business in other parts of Africa.