Renowned Accounting Professor at the University of Nottingham, Noel Tagoe has called for depoliticisation in Ghana as a means to fight against corruption in the country.

Mr. Tagoe, in an interview on JoyNews’ Super Morning Show, indicated that corruption has remained a major challenge in Ghana.

He added that fighting corruption from the politicized or personalized approach will not bring about development.

“I think the corruption fight has been either politicized or personalized. That helps no one at all. If you politicize it then you have the practice of equalization wrong. You steal, I steal, etc. and things like that so let’s take out the political face,” he said.

Explaining further, he stated that “we should understand that our discourse and our narratives on corruption affects how people think about us [Ghana] outside. Therefore whether they come to do business with us or not, we ought to be careful enough.”

Mr Tagoe noted that corruption can be seen from two different perception namely; a perception of corruption and practice of corruption.

Explaining what both entail, he cautioned the public to beware that people’s reputation and integrity could be on the line if both are misinterpreted.

“When the perception of corruption does not match with the practice of corruption, then it means that someone is being accused of being corrupt when that person is not corrupt. We got to be careful about it because people’s reputation and integrity are at stake.”