The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Martin Amidu, has stressed the need for prosecuting attorneys to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the new and emerging economic and organised crime.

That, he said would enable them to creditably investigate and prosecute criminals associated with such crimes.

Mr Amidu made the remarks at a three-day seminar organised by the Attomey General’s Department for state attorneys in Koforidua.

The event, which was funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), was to sharpen the skills of the attorneys to enable them to effectively deal with organised and the emerging economic crimes in the country.

“Emerging crimes such as cyber crime, money laundering, drug trafficking are organised and executed in a sophisticated manner, making them difficult to detect and prosecute.

He called on prosecuting attorneys to master and appreciate not only the relevant legislation proscribing such offences but also their subtle essence and intricate nature to be able to professionally and successfully prosecute them.

With regard to the conditions of service of state attorneys, Mr Amidu said they would soon be hooked on the Single Spine Salary Structure with additional plans to make their salaries attractive to attract more lawyers into the Attorney General’s Department.

On how to deal with matters relating to the law, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice said the dynamic nature of the slaw makes continuing legal education for all branches of legal practice a sine qua non of successful legal service delivery for the people by the Ministry of Justice.

Mr Amidu, who indicated that justice was the foundation of peace and stability, said it was in that respect that his outfit was committed to building the capacity of state attorneys to enable them ensure that justice prevailed at all times.

He, therefore, asked state attorneys to be impartial and friendly to all law abiding citizens.

Mr Amidu also expressed his appreciation to the UNDP for its continued assistance to the capacity building of state attorneys in the country.

The Acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Madam Cynthia Lamptey, was happy that state attorneys were being schooled to match scientific advancement in crime and asked the participants to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade themselves.