Fuel supply in the aviation sector is expected to see a significant improvement following Puma Energy's inauguration of a 10 million litre Storage Facility at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). 

This follows a partnership between a storage company, Blue Ocean Investments, and UBI Petroleum, now Puma Energy Distribution Ghana. Speaking with JOY BUSINESS after the 

launch, Managing Director of Puma Energy Myles Bouvier-Baird said this should boost aviation fuel supply to the benefit of the local economy.

The company has been active in Ghana since 2006. It started off with the construction of the CBM – an offshore mooring system that accommodates product imports into the country.

Puma Energy following that took a minority stake in UBI group in 2014. The partnership consists of 2 local partners – Blue Ocean Investments which is in the field of product storage, supply and product import and UBI Petroleum, now Puma Energy 

Distribution-Ghana which is in the field of retail business-to-business and aviation. 

The 10million liter storage facility, run by Blue Ocean Investments is expected to provide security of supply to KIA especially.

Mr. Bouvier-Baird noted that before this depot was constructed in 2013, “the other storage facility has a capacity of only 750,000 and there were times it wasn’t enough to guarantee the security of supplies. Airlines naturally don’t want to come to a place where their ability to refuel is not guaranteed.”

The increased capacity and security of supply to be provided by these investments at KIA and Tema Ridge according to Mr Bouvier-Baird means that “Ghana can optimise its positioning as a hub for aviation in West Africa,” explains Myles Bouvier-Baird, General Manager for Puma Energy in Ghana.”

Speaking at the launch, Minister for Transport Fiifi Kwetey said such an investment in any country is huge and especially, in Ghana.

“This is very significant particularly when it’s happening at a time where our overall strategy is to make our aviation sector increasingly and competitively attractive.”

The installation is one of the biggest on the continent and has the potential to boost growth in the aviation sector and the economy at large.