The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr Elikem Tamaklo, has reiterated the importance of Public-Private Partnerships in the health care sector as a deliberate means to improve quality health care delivery in Ghana and Africa.

Speaking at the annual Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, Germany, Dr Tamaklo said "the private health sector in developing economies like Ghana are often fragmented which makes it difficult to leverage on efficiencies to drive costs down, ensure effective supply chain and logistics, and ultimately affect quality care for patients. Due to this fragmentation, it is difficult for governments and development agencies to fully represent the voice of the private sector in understanding the complexity of the health ecosystem which contributes to the sector being underrepresented in key decision making".

The Summit, held by the Global Solutions Initiative annually, brings together international research organizations, thought leaders and decision makers from politics, business and civil communities to generate policy recommendations and strategic visions on major G20 and G7 issues.

"There are several challenges facing the private health sector in Ghana. For example, the private sector arguably accounts for 40-60% of all healthcare provision but is challenged in areas such as lack of accurate data, the high cost of business operation stemming from high cost of utilities and interest rates as well as currency depreciation which affect the cost of pharmaceutical products, consumables and medical equipment. There is, therefore, responsibility and great opportunity to consciously promote diversity and inclusion by including the private health sector in the development of relevant policies that will improve quality health care delivery in Ghana," he added.

He said ensuring that quality healthcare must a fundamental human right and said Nyaho Medical Centre initiated the ‘Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo (DKNT) Symposium’ four years ago to create a platform that encourages stimulating discussions to influence policies in Ghana's private and public healthcare sector.

The symposium seeks to improve on patient outcomes and this year it looks forward to partnering with governments and its key agencies to achieve this objective.

Nyaho Medical Centre has been in existence for almost 50 years and strives to become the most trusted name in quality health care delivery in Africa.

Its vision is underpinned by values such as patient-centered care, quality care, professionalism, commitment and accountability.


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