These are the questions for this month’s book ‘The Enemy Within’.

1. Briefly describe the event leading to the killing of Gloria Kekena

2. Who did David meet and speak to in the fields on the night of his crime?

3. Why did Elmarie hate blacks so much?

4. Briefly describe the relationship between Jeremy and Esta

5. What was the reason for Jeremy’s mother’s disapproval of his relationship with Elmarie?

6. Mention any two incidents that happened during the rally

7. What was the reason why Nelson Mandela was jailed in 1964?

8. Which war dance terrified most whites and stirred most blacks to joy or revolution?

9. Why were most of the young whites in south Africa leaving for Australia at the time?

10. Give a word or phrase meaning the same as the following words used in the passage

i. Resurrect ii. Proof iii. Scattered
iv. Excrement v. Wriggle