Indigenous firm, Quick Angels Investment Limited, has reiterated its continuous support for local businesses in the country, after partnering Pizzaman to open 4 new branches in Accra.

According to the chairman of the locally based investment firm, Richard Nii Armah Quaye, its aim is to help local businesses to flourish and expand.

Making these assertions when his outfit simultaneously opened four branches of Pizzaman-Chickenman in various part of Accra, he said Quick Angels is opened to supporting local businesses in the country.

“We invest in startup companies, we look at startup companies with unique business ideas. we leverage on our expertise to grow these startup companies. These guys started baking pizza after school and were driven by passion, so we invested into their company”.

Chief Executive Officer for Pizzaman-Chickenman, Christian Boakye Yiadom also indicated that his outfit is looking forward to expand to other regions in the country.

“Next year, we are looking forward to go to other regions, aside Accra and Kumasi”

This brings to a total of 10 branches since its inception in 2019.

The partnership between Quick Angels Investor Company and Pizzaman-Chickenman birthed four new branches in Accra which is ready to compete in the market.

Pizzaman-Chickenman now have branches in Dansoman Exhibition Roundtable, East Legon, Awoshie and Spintex, all in Accra. This in addition to its already existing branches in Ahodwo, Sofoline, Suame Magazine, Airport Roundabout, Dakodwen and Tafo, all in Kumasi.

Quick Angels over the years has financed over 32 companies in Ghana.

Quick Credit & Investment Microcredit Limited is a sister company to Quick Angels and also has other businesses in other African countries.

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